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Posts tagged "Child Custody & Support"

How to gain the child support payments that you're owed

According to a U.S. Census Bureau's report in 2018, only 43.5% of children who are owed child support payments receive full payments. During difficult financial periods, this number can go even lower. If you are a custodial parent and you have not been receiving the child support that you are owed from the other parent, you will likely be concerned about how you can gain these payments.

Balance your custody agreement with your job

In California, divorced parents face the challenge of maintaining their custody schedule at the same time as they work to earn a living. This is not always an easy thing to do as being responsible for the children involves set requirements and the need for unscheduled leave. Parents need to be realistic, but with the proper planning, they can still have some form of custody and a career.

How to help children thrive during a divorce

For most parents, the wellbeing of their children is their primary concern, even when going through a divorce. Though a divorce is often traumatic for the children involved, it doesn't have to be so. Parents in California can ensure their children come through the divorce unscathed by realizing that issues pertaining to the divorce and custody shouldn't be discussed with children.

What is parenting time interference?

The bonds between parents and their children are often strong and easily endure challenges and hardships. However, life events like divorce can put strains on those connections and create difficulties for individuals in changing personal relationships. A divorce between California parents does not release them from their responsibilities to their kids, but, in some cases, divorced parents can struggle to find balance with the time they and their exes share with the children.

Legal custody for California parents

Child custody is an important and complicated area of family law. When California parents have questions about how the custody of their children will be resolved when they separate or divorce, they should consider seeking counsel from trusted local attorneys. This post briefly discusses one type of child custody - legal custody - but should not be used as independent legal advice.

Understanding the end of a child support obligation

Parents in California are required to provide for their children's needs. This can mean paying for their basic requirements, like keeping roofs over their heads and food in their bodies. When parents live together, they may easily share child-rearing duties. However, when parents separate, it can become much harder for them to share in their required parenting tasks.

Is it easy to modifying child custody and support?

Family law matters can get emotional and complicated. Whether it is during a divorce, separation or split of unmarried parents, the reality is that it is never easy to determine a custody and child support arrangement. While some parents are able to work together to reach agreeable terms, others find themselves in a long, drawn out battle because they cannot agree. And even when an order is established, parents may find themselves in disagreement with the current order and will seek modification.

Can the child have a say in determining the custodial parent?

In a California family law case, there are many considerations when child custody and support is determined. This process can be contentious and lead to acrimony between the parties. The court will factor in many issues when deciding on the custodial parent and assessing how visitation should be allocated. One part of a case that is the foundation for dispute is if the child can have a say in the custody arrangement or if the child can speak up and be heard when there is a request for an agreement modification. For those who are involved in this type of situation, understanding the law is a must.

How courts decide on child custody

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues to resolve in many divorces. The parents must find a way to balance their parental rights with the best interests of their children. What's more, they have to negotiate a parenting plan with their ex, often while they're still in the midst of arguing about property division and other issues. If they can't reach agreement, a court will make a decision for them.

Child support enforcement and modification

The theory underlying California's child support system is easy enough to understand: Parents have a legal responsibility to care for their child. This legal duty applies whether the parent lives with the child or not. The state maintains a child support system in the interest of making sure children get the support they need.