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Posts tagged "Alimony"

What to do if you suspect your spouse will file for a divorce

If your marriage is going through a difficult period and you believe that your spouse may file for a divorce, you must take this very seriously. If you do not take action to prepare for a potential divorce, you may be in a position where your spouse has the upper hand when they file.

How alimony is determined in California

If you are going through a divorce in California, make sure that you think about your future financial situation. A divorce can have the potential to negatively impact a person's finances. This is because divorce itself is costly, and because the person will no longer have their former spouse's income to depend on.

When can the court deny alimony?

Alimony is meant to give one party to a divorce financial stability while they secure their own financial resources to support the lifestyle they enjoyed while married. There are a number of factors a family law court will look at when determining whether spousal support is appropriate and, if so, how much should be paid. Yet, there are instances where one party will request alimony that is unwarranted. In these circumstances, Californians need to be prepared with strong legal arguments to support their position.

When alimony consists of a single payout

Alimony is a legal obligation that exists between formerly married individuals in California. A person may be required to provide their ex-spouse with money for a period of time after their marriage is over. Many factors, like the age and health of the parties, will influence whether alimony is awarded and how much should be provided to the recipient spouse.

Understanding what determines alimony amount

The end of a marriage brings a lot of changes. For some divorcing couples in California, it means seeking or paying spousal support. While some spouses expect this to be a part of the process, others are caught off-guard when an ex seeks this financial support. Thus, it is important to understand what determines whether one is eligible for alimony, the amount they will receive and how long these payments will continue.

How does the duration of the marriage impact alimony?

A key concern for couples that are getting a divorce in California is which spouse will pay spousal support and which will receive it. There are subsets to this, including how long it will need to be paid. For some, it is a financial necessity to receive payments as they try to get on their feet after the divorce. For the paying spouse, it is major consideration as they move on with their lives. Income, children and more will be part of the process in determining how much alimony will be paid. Also important is the duration of the marriage.

How might a vocational counselor factor in with alimony?

In California, when a couple decides to divorce, a key factor in the settlement or court decision is spousal support, also referred to as alimony. The goal is for the supported spouse to maintain the standard of living that he or she had during the marriage. The spouse who is receiving support also bears certain responsibilities. A contribution or self-support is expected after a certain time-period and it is important for the court to understand how soon this can begin and what level of self-reliance the person can achieve.

Negotiating spousal support

When we discuss the basics of alimony on this blog, we often talk about it as though alimony is always ordered by a court. In theory, this is how alimony is handled under California law. In practice however, an alimony order usually has its origins in an agreement signed by the parties as part of their divorce settlement.

Helping you secure alimony in a divorce

Much like finances play an important role in getting married, finances also play a major role during the dissolution of a marriage. Regardless if a marriage was short or lasted several decades, there are many monetary decisions for couples in Redwood City to make. And for those finding post-divorce life financially challenging, it may be appropriate to seek spousal support.

Permanent alimony may be needed after a long-term marriage

Sometimes, after decades of marriage, a couple in California will decide for one reason or another that their union isn't working, and they are best off divorcing. However, this could lead some couples to experience a significant amount of financial disparity, especially if one spouse had stayed out of the workforce to care for the family. In situations like this, one spouse may want to seek permanent or long-term spousal support.