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Helping you reach a fair property settlement in a divorce

Ending a marriage is not an easy process; however, it is one that many spouses in California and elsewhere must work through when a marriage is no longer working. Whether it has begun with high conflict or disputes arose later on during the process, the reality is that divorcing spouses are likely to not agree on everything. In fact, property division is one of the most contentious divorce issues, as spouses often do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to divvying up property.

Guiding you through the property division process

Getting married is a major step to take for any couple in California. And much like a couple does not enter this union without much thought, couples do not end this union without making some major decisions. However, even when a divorcing couple is prepared to deal with the issues that come with the process, this does not mean it is easy or without emotional turmoil and disputes. One of the most contentious divorce issues is property division, as it is often hard for divorcing spouses to see eye-to-eye on throughout this process.

What is quasi-community property in property division?

In California, one of the biggest concerns when a couple ends a marriage is how property will be divided. There is often a dispute over property obtained during a marriage and who is entitled to it. For couples embroiled in this type of disagreement, it is important to understand how the law addresses these considerations.

How is property divided during divorce in California?

Property division can be a big concern for divorcing couples which is why it is helpful for divorcing couples in California to understand California property division laws. California is a community property state which impacts the division of property and it is important for divorcing couples in California to understand what this means and what it means for them.

Can comingled funds be unraveled through property division?

In today's day and age, some people in California are waiting to marry so they can focus on building their career. Thus, spouses who marry later in life may have had the opportunity to obtain significant assets on their own before they walk down the aisle. For example, one spouse or the other may already own a house, have savings in a bank account or own a business.

Property division and the family home in California

Home may be where the heart is, but when two people fall out of love and decide to divorce, they will need to make some very important decisions about what to do with the family abode. When it comes to property division, California is a community property state, meaning that each spouse has an equal ownership interest in all marital assets. Since the family home is often one of the biggest assets a couple holds, it is important to understand what options are available when it comes to divorce.

We understand how important property division is in a divorce

When a California couple decides to end their marriage, they may be concerned about what will happen to their property. After all, they may have spent years or even decades amassing many assets. These assets can have a good deal of sentimental or financial value, so it is important that the division of assets is fair.

Property division and the family business

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that around 3.7 million businesses in the nation are owned by a married couple. Couples in California may put a lot of effort into seeing their family business grow and thrive, but sometimes the same can't be said for their marriage. When that happens, they may decide that they are best off getting a divorce. However, how will a divorce affect the business they own together?

Take care when dividing debt in a California divorce

When a couple in California divorces, they may be concerned about who gets to keep the family home, furniture, electronics, and automobiles. What they may not initially consider, however, is that it's not just their assets that are divided in their divorce -- their debts must be divided too. And, there are certain points couples should keep in mind when it comes to dividing debt in a divorce.