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Divorce Archives

How do I know if my marriage is heading for a divorce?

Every married couple goes through ups and downs. It's a fact of life that things cannot be perfect all of the time. If you are currently going through a rocky patch in your marriage, you may be wondering whether this is simply a bump in the road or a sign that your marriage is over.

How to tell your spouse that you are filing for divorce

Sitting down with your spouse and telling them that you want a divorce may be one of the most difficult things that you will ever have to do. It may be obvious to both of you that your marriage is not working, or it may only be you who feels unsatisfied in the marriage. Whatever the situation, your spouse will need to find out eventually that you are planning to divorce them.

How to cope with your emotions during a divorce

Going through a divorce will almost certainly ignite negative emotions within you. This is because divorce was probably never what you imagined that you would go through in life, and it may be that you are in a state of shock or feel that you have failed in some way.

Women need to be prepared for the realities of divorce

Emotions run high in many divorces and that is understandable. But divorce legal issues can have a greater and longer-lasting impact on the lives of the parties than the turmoil of the actual break-up. Of course, each situation is unique, but often, California women fill the role of the primary caregiver for the children and either work part-time or not at all. This situation can lead to women, who typically understand the issues to be resolved before the divorce can be final, not fully grasping the bottom line economic realities.

Remember life insurance in a divorce agreement

In a California divorce, there are sometimes details that seem insignificant at first that can actually create problems in the short and long term. One of these areas is life insurance. In cases where one spouse is paying child support or alimony, the parties need to think ahead into the future to figure out the proper arrangement.

Tips for deciding whether to settle or litigate in a divorce

People in California who are divorcing may prefer to try to negotiate an agreement instead of going to court. However, if one spouse is uncooperative or the two simply cannot reach an agreement about property division and child custody, it may be time to decide whether it is best to agree to a settlement that leaves at least one person unsatisfied or go to litigation.

How to create a parenting plan that works

Parents in California may choose to create a custody schedule that sees a child spend a week with one parent and the next week with the other parent. While that may work out well for the adults, it is unlikely that it will work out well for the children. Younger children generally shouldn't go more than two or three days without seeing both of their parents. Otherwise, they could develop separation anxiety or other emotional problems.

More people are getting a so-called 'gray" divorce

Divorce can happen at any age in California. People whose lives have changed since they got married, have evolved, are not feeling the same as they once did, or simply want something different might move forward with a divorce. For some demographics, this is becoming more common than others. That is the case with people 50 and older.

Studies find women seek divorce more often than men

A 2015 study by the American Sociological Association found that women are more likely than men to initiate divorce. There may be several reasons this is the case. In general, women in California and around the country may seek a divorce because they are less fulfilled by marriage than men are.