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Husband of 'Real Housewives' star fights for custody of children

California couples with children often must determine which parent will get joint and legal custody of their children after they divorce. Physical custody generally refers to where the child will be staying, while legal custody refers to who will make decisions relating to the child's life. Shannon Beador, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Orange County, is currently caught up in a battle with her estranged husband David over the custody of their children, as well as other divorce-related issues. The couple was married for over 17 years before separating in September 2017. The couple has three daughters, a 16-year-old and 13-year-old twins.

Britney Spears' ex seeks more child support

During the divorce process, many parents struggle to agree on child custody arrangements and child support payments. Even when they finally agree to certain terms, they may decide to revisit the issue and modify their child custody and support agreement months or years later.

Can I modify my custody order after it is finalized?

When you finalize your divorce, the court will typically enter an order detailing your child custody and child support arrangements. This child custody and support agreement will often specify where your child will live primarily, who will be responsible for making decisions for the child, how often the non-custodial parent will see the child and how much the non-custodial parent will pay in child support. Once the custody order is finalized, both parents are legally obligated to follow the terms of the order.

How is child support determined in California?

If you and your spouse are divorcing and you have minor children, the children will likely split their time between you and your spouse's house once the divorce is finalized. In many cases, the child will stay primarily with one parent to keep their schedules consistent, particularly during the school year. The other parent will typically be granted parenting time and be required to pay child support to provide for the child's necessities. Child custody and support issues can be a major hurdle for many divorcing couples, so it is helpful to know how child support is handled in California.

Getting help with your child custody issues

As we welcome 2018, many California couples are making the difficult decision to end their marriages. If a couple has children, this decision can be particularly difficult, considering that their child's life will never be the same. However, these life changes do not have to be completely negative. With support from our attorneys, you can make sure that the transition into post-divorce life is easy for both you and your children.

Courts encourage shared custody after divorce

In the past, when a couple went through a divorce, many fathers lost a significant amount of time with their children. In many cases, the mother would look after the child on a day-to-day basis, while the father would only spend time with them every other weekend. In 2017, this is no longer the case. Many parents have decided to equally share in the responsibility of raising their children by co-parenting. This shift in child custody and support may mean big changes for families in the coming years.

Tyrese Gibson regains custody over daughter after court battle

In an ideal world, divorcing or separating parents would agree on everything regarding their child's future, from where the child will stay to the visitation schedule. However, in the real world, many parents have a difficult time dealing with child custody and support issues. It can feel impossible to compromise with their ex-spouses when it comes to their children. When allegations of abuse come into play, a parent can temporarily or permanently lose custody of a child.

Establishing parentage for child support

Before you can collect child support, you will need to determine who the child's parents are according to the law. If you were married when you became pregnant or when the child was born, California courts will automatically assume that you and your spouse are the child's legal parents. However, if you are not married to the child's other parent, you may have to establish parentage before moving forward with the child custody and support process.

Create a parenting plan to handle child custody issues

"Breaking up is hard to do," the saying goes. And no one knows that more than couples with children. The most difficult part of many divorces in California is determining which parent should have primary physical custody and how visitation should work. Many parents want to be just as involved in their child's life as they were before the separation.

Shared parenting may be the best option for divorced couples

When parents in Redwood City get divorced, the children may suffer the most. However, recent studies show that when both parents play an active role in the child's life, the child is better off. Divorcing parents may struggle when dealing with child custody and support issues, but it is important to focus on doing what is best for the children, even if it means dealing with your ex-spouse on a more regular basis.