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4 social media guidelines to adhere to when going through divorce

Some people have difficult time giving up their social media habits. The popularity of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and Nextdoor is undeniable as people have flocked to them to stay connected and share aspects of their lives.

However, if going through a divorce, it may be a good time to reevaluate your behavior on social media platforms. It also represents a good time to implement safeguard measures that may prevent your sites and profiles from unwanted intrusion by a vengeful spouse.

Change passwords

Here are some crucial rules to abide by regarding social media when going through a divorce:

  • Avoid posting criticisms and certain information: It may take every ounce of willpower to avoid posting negative opinions about your spouse online. Do not post such things, and do not post specific details about the divorce.
  • Change passwords on accounts: While married, you may have shared social media account passwords with your spouse. While separated, you better change them. Play it safe because you never know what your spouse will consider doing to sabotage you.
  • Do not delete accounts: You may think this is the right move to make immediately, but do not. You could face penalties for “destroying” evidence. Your attorney will provide insight on this.
  • Review and update privacy settings: This allows you to have better control over how much information is viewed by others. Doing so also will prevent any posts from certain people from appearing on your page.

Following these steps may help ease some of the tensions that arise during a difficult divorce.

Take precautions

When estranged from a spouse, it is good practice to remain careful with social media. Adhere to certain precautionary measures and consider taking a social media break. In time, you can get back into your regular routine.

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