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When do I need to hire a forensic accountant in a divorce?

Affluent people who go through divorce understand that they must address many complicated financial matters. Untangling all of them – especially when one of the spouses remains uncooperative from the start – remains one of the biggest challenges when it comes to asset division.

These are the times that call for the knowledge and skills of a forensic accountant. This professional will work alongside your attorney, weeding through mountains of manipulation and false trails from your spouse in uncovering untruths that he or she thinks will go undiscovered.

Underreported income, hidden assets

A forensic accountant has a sixth sense of what is going on. With a keenly trained eye and mind, such an accountant can accomplish many things, including determining what types of assets are withheld and analyzing tax returns to spot red flags and patterns of malfeasance.

An accountant will go through the paperwork to uncover falsehoods, untruths, manipulations and hidden assets. This is just the person you want on your side. Among the things that a forensic accountant may uncover include:

  • Underreported income
  • Overpayment to creditors
  • The creation of fake debt to relatives, friends and businesses
  • The transfer of assets to dummy corporations, serving as a front for another company
  • The purchase of expensive items with cash stashed in hidden places

An experienced forensic accountant can investigate and address every financial aspect in a divorce scenario. This assistance only proves invaluable when dealing with valuable assets such as stock options.

With a detective-like approach, a forensic accountant uncovers dirty tricks regarding assets that your spouse had hoped to conceal. With this professional on your side, you can confirm your spouse’s manipulation. And your spouse’s attempts to maintain a tight grip on marital assets that rightfully belong to you remain stifled by the skills of a forensic accountant.

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