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How will your parenting plan work long-term?

The ultimate goal of any parenting plan is to protect the interests of the children above all else. Parents often decide to work together on a custody and visitation plan that will allow them to provide stability and security for their kids. There are many benefits associated with taking this approach to a difficult and emotional matter, but it is essential to think long-term when making these plans.

You likely have strong feelings regarding how your divorce will impact your relationship with your children. You feel protective of your parenting time and your parental rights, and these inclinations are normal. However, creating a parenting plan that will make sense for years to come requires you to think beyond just how you feel in the moment. With your perspective on what will make the most sense for your kids long-term, you can craft the plan they deserve.

Logistics matter

One of the most important considerations when creating a parenting plan is thinking about how your decisions will work logistically. This means you need to consider your work schedule, school schedules, regular doctor appointments and more. Your plan should work smoothly, and there should be back-up plans in place in case deviations are necessary.

It may also be helpful to consider how your decisions will make your kids feel. Put yourself in their shoes. What will make them feel most secure? What do they need to feel loved by both parents? This should factor into your plan as you try to give them an equitable amount of time in each home.

What do your kids need?

Do your kids have special needs? What are their school schedules like? These are important considerations when making sure your parenting plan makes sense. You can custom-tailor your schedule to suit these needs and ensure your kids have the support they need. If your kids are old enough, you may want to ask them what they want and how they would prefer their post-divorce lives to look like.

Work with a professional

Regardless of how amicable you and the other parent may be, there is benefit in working with an experienced legal professional at every step of the process of developing a parenting plan. You can greatly benefit from the support of a California family law attorney whose primary concern is protecting your parental rights and helping you get on a path toward a brighter future.


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