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April 2020 Archives

How alimony is determined in California

If you are going through a divorce in California, make sure that you think about your future financial situation. A divorce can have the potential to negatively impact a person's finances. This is because divorce itself is costly, and because the person will no longer have their former spouse's income to depend on.

Handling joint finances in a divorce

When people decide to divorce, they often think about the emotional and social implications. They may have sad or angry feelings about the ending of their marriage. They may mourn for the time they'll miss with their children or worry that people will judge them. One of the last things people may think of is how it will affect their finances.

How to cope with your emotions during a divorce

Going through a divorce will almost certainly ignite negative emotions within you. This is because divorce was probably never what you imagined that you would go through in life, and it may be that you are in a state of shock or feel that you have failed in some way.

How to fight fair during a divorce

It's a myth that some couples don't fight. Anyone that lives together is inevitably going to encounter disagreements from time to time. However, the difference between those who are in toxic relationships that are on the brink of divorce and those in happy marriages tend to be that those in happy marriages can fight fair.