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February 2020 Archives

More people are getting a so-called 'gray" divorce

Divorce can happen at any age in California. People whose lives have changed since they got married, have evolved, are not feeling the same as they once did, or simply want something different might move forward with a divorce. For some demographics, this is becoming more common than others. That is the case with people 50 and older.

How child support works in California

There is no doubt about it -- raising kids is expensive. But covering those costs can get a lot more complicated after divorce, especially for parents who have primary custody or simply earn a lot less than their ex's. Child support is just one way to make sure that both you and your ex are still providing financial stability for your child.

Studies find women seek divorce more often than men

A 2015 study by the American Sociological Association found that women are more likely than men to initiate divorce. There may be several reasons this is the case. In general, women in California and around the country may seek a divorce because they are less fulfilled by marriage than men are.

How to help children thrive during a divorce

For most parents, the wellbeing of their children is their primary concern, even when going through a divorce. Though a divorce is often traumatic for the children involved, it doesn't have to be so. Parents in California can ensure their children come through the divorce unscathed by realizing that issues pertaining to the divorce and custody shouldn't be discussed with children.