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Why some couples opt to sign postnuptial agreements

Lots of people in California and across the country are familiar with how prenuptial agreements work. These legally binding documents are signed before marriage and help to protect each partner’s assets in case of separation or divorce. Postnuptial agreements are not as well known.

A postnuptial agreement offers the same benefits that come from a prenuptial agreement. However, this agreement is created and signed during the marriage. It can help some couples to add clarity to their finances.

This document has proven to be particularly useful for when one individual in the marriage is not the best at handling money. It can address the issue and help the couple work together to create new routines for their finances. If a divorce occurs in the future, it can protect the partner who has worked to save money and invest it. The document may also protect a partner who is expecting an inheritance.

Some couples have used a postnuptial agreement in order to protect a business they started and now own together. The legal document makes it possible to determine how business debts and assets will be distributed in case of a divorce. It can lay out who will be the owner of the business and how it will be passed on in the future.

Designing a postnuptial agreement can take some time. It is wise to include professionals in the process of drawing up the document. This would include financial advisers and accountants, especially when a business is involved.

A lawyer might also offer assistance when looking at the legal aspects of a postnuptial agreement. A lawyer may be able to answer a client’s questions regarding how separation or divorce would affect their finances or business interests. The lawyer might also answer questions regarding child custody, spousal support, alimony and other divorce legal issues.

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