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January 2020 Archives

Financial considerations for older adults getting divorced

Older couples in California may be more vulnerable to divorce than younger couples. As the divorce rate goes down among younger people, it is on the rise among older people, and for people 65 and older, it is three times higher than it was in the 1990s.

Plan to split retirement funds during divorce

For many California couples, their retirement funds are among the largest assets they have. Built up over many years, these accounts can be a major part of the property division process for people who decide to divorce. Many couples have a variety of different retirement funds, including accounts held through each employer or private options like individual retirement accounts. No matter whose name these funds are held in, they are typically considered marital property. If people had their accounts before they married, it may be important to calculate the growth of the asset after the date of marriage.

Relocating with a child post divorce

When your marriage is ending, you have to take time to plan for your new future -- especially if you have children. What will it look like? Following a divorce, many people in this area of California find themselves needing to relocate, but how does relocating work with kids?

Why some couples opt to sign postnuptial agreements

Lots of people in California and across the country are familiar with how prenuptial agreements work. These legally binding documents are signed before marriage and help to protect each partner's assets in case of separation or divorce. Postnuptial agreements are not as well known.

Foster care adoption and the adoption subsidy

Adopting a child can be one of the most joyous events in a parent's life. It can provide a sense of fulfillment knowing that a child in need is given a stable, loving home. Although there are a lot of children available for adoption in California, the process is not as simple as many would think. Therefore, those who are considering pursuing an adoption, whether privately, through the foster care system or merely adopting a step-child, should make sure they understand the law and how it applies to their situation.