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Financial concerns prevent many women from seeking divorce

There are a number of things that can spur divorce. Infidelity, lack of common interests, and conflicting worldviews, including money management, can all contribute to spouses seeking marriage dissolution. Yet, just as there are various reasons for seeking divorce, many Californians find many reasons to put off divorce for a period of time or altogether. Sometimes these reasons are valid. In others, though, the fears are simply unfounded and can be successfully addressed through competent divorce planning, negotiating, and, if necessary, litigating.

One reason some individuals choose to stay in their broken marriages is financial insecurity. This issue may affect women more than men, and for good reason. After all, the pay gap is still far too large, and studies have shown that women are more easily stressed over financial concerns than men. Also, given that mothers are more often custodial parents, the rising costs of caring for children, especially when handling it primarily on one’s own, can be especially daunting.

Another contributing factor to these financial insecurities is a spouse’s career during the course of marriage. In many cases, mothers choose to put off a career and/or education in order to raise children. This puts them in a precarious financial position when their marriage sours and they consider starting life on their own post-divorce.

With all of that being said, though, nearly two-thirds of divorced women indicate that they don’t regret their decision to end their marriage. So, even though it can be frightening given the financial realities of the situation, women who find themselves in bad marriages shouldn’t put off the possibility of divorce. Instead, they need to educate themselves and come up with strong strategies that will leave them as financially secure post-divorce as possible. Experienced divorce attorneys stand ready to assist with this process so that these women can find the happiness that they deserve.

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