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December 2019 Archives

Consider legal assistance when facing property division issues

While it is true that divorce involves the untangling of physical and emotional ties, it is also a financial transaction. Property division, alimony and child support can all play a huge role in your post-divorce life, which means that mishandling these matters can lead to a precarious financial position. This is why Californians who are in the midst of divorce or are considering divorce need to think about the legal arguments and negotiation strategies they can utilize to protect their financial interests as fully as possible.

Financial concerns prevent many women from seeking divorce

There are a whole host of reasons why a couple may choose to end their marriage. Disputes over money are a driving force behind many divorces, but so is infidelity. While the exact cause of a marriage dissolution may not seem that important when you get down to brass tacks, the truth of the matter is that it can play a significant role in how certain legal issues, like spousal support, are resolved.

Are you ready to tell your kids about the divorce?

When you first got married, you likely envisioned you and your spouse living happy lives, starting a family and reaching milestones together. When the children came, you both could not have been happier about having little ones around. Unfortunately, as the years passed, your relationship began to deteriorate.

Financial concerns prevent many women from seeking divorce

There are a number of things that can spur divorce. Infidelity, lack of common interests, and conflicting worldviews, including money management, can all contribute to spouses seeking marriage dissolution. Yet, just as there are various reasons for seeking divorce, many Californians find many reasons to put off divorce for a period of time or altogether. Sometimes these reasons are valid. In others, though, the fears are simply unfounded and can be successfully addressed through competent divorce planning, negotiating, and, if necessary, litigating.

Continued grandparent contact can be good for kids

Divorce can raise a number of challenges for California families. While marriage dissolution can set the stage for one's post-divorce financial standing, it can also reshape an individual's relationship with his or her children. This is why competent legal representation is often necessary for those who want to protect themselves and the best interests of their children as fully as possible. Yet, there are other individuals who may have an interest in these matters, especially child custody and visitation. Grandparents, in particular, may want to retain a relationship with their grandchildren, one that may be under threat when a divorce occurs.