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The purpose of post-divorce modifications

When the parties to a marriage reach the termination of their negotiations and settle their issues, they may feel as though they have completed their dealings with their soon-to-be exes. In some cases, this may be true and the parties may not have to address legal issues between them ever again. Unfortunately, many individuals who go through divorces will experience changes in their lives that may necessitate post-divorce modifications.

A post-divorce modification is a change to an existing court order that establishes new terms. For example, some co-parents may need to seek post-divorce modifications to their child custody orders if they must move for work or alter their visitation time because of new circumstances in their lives. When children are involved, courts often seek to protect their best interests when making post-divorce modifications.

Individuals can seek to change the financial obligations that their divorce orders and judgments subject them to. If a party that is bound to pay alimony loses their job, they may no longer be able to provide support to their ex. They may seek a modification to their alimony order to protect them from missing payments and falling into default.

Post-divorce modifications become necessary when a person cannot operate under the terms of an order that was established during their divorce. Courts carefully review requests to change standing orders, and individuals who require this support may wish to secure legal counsel to advise them on how to proceed. This post is offered as information only and should not be read or used as legal guidance or advice.

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