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When alimony consists of a single payout

Alimony is a legal obligation that exists between formerly married individuals in California. A person may be required to provide their ex-spouse with money for a period of time after their marriage is over. Many factors, like the age and health of the parties, will influence whether alimony is awarded and how much should be provided to the recipient spouse.

While in some cases alimony becomes a long-term commitment between exes, for others, alimony may be managed through a single lump sum payment. This form of alimony is completed upon the receipt of a single lump sum payment to the recipient and is often used in place of full property settlement agreements between the divorcing parties.

When lump sum alimony is awarded, the court does not consider the living or relationship arrangements of the recipient. For example, in some cases, if an alimony recipient moves in with a new partner or remarries, their alimony payments will change or stop. Since a lump sum payment happens only once, courts do not examine the potentially changing relationship status of the person receiving the money.

As discussed in prior posts, alimony can take on a variety of different formats, depending upon the needs and preferences of the divorcing parties. While for some alimony is a long-term commitment, for others, alimony consists of a single payment. A family law attorney can help their client understand how alimony may be addressed in their own divorce, and legal guidance should be sought by readers as this post should not be read as legal advice.

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