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What grounds for divorce may be used in California?

Divorce is a legal event. Though many Californians may think about the financial and emotional components of ending marriages, at its core a divorce is the legal termination of a relationship. If a couple is not legally married then their separation does not require a court’s approval to be terminated. In order for a court to get involved in a couple’s relationship and bring it to its end there must be grounds, or a basis, for the marriage to end.

Other jurisdictions may recognize fault grounds for divorce. These grounds, like adultery or incarceration, place the blame for the end of a marriage on one of the parties. In California it is not necessary for individuals to identify fault grounds to end their marriages. They must only be able to show that their relationships are marred by irreconcilable differences.

Irreconcilable differences are differences that will never be fixed or worked out between the parties. For example, if one person to marriage desires to have children and the other does not, and neither party is willing to budge on their position, the issue may cause an irreconcilable difference to exist between them. The differences that exist between partners to married couples will differ and readers are reminded that this post is informational in its content.

There is one other basis on which a divorce may be filed in California, and that is incurable insanity. When a resident wishes to end their marriage, they should be aware that there are a number of requirements that must be met before they can successfully petition to end their relationships. A divorce attorney can help them sort on the necessary steps that they must take to end their marriages.

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