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October 2019 Archives

When alimony consists of a single payout

Alimony is a legal obligation that exists between formerly married individuals in California. A person may be required to provide their ex-spouse with money for a period of time after their marriage is over. Many factors, like the age and health of the parties, will influence whether alimony is awarded and how much should be provided to the recipient spouse.

Legal custody for California parents

Child custody is an important and complicated area of family law. When California parents have questions about how the custody of their children will be resolved when they separate or divorce, they should consider seeking counsel from trusted local attorneys. This post briefly discusses one type of child custody - legal custody - but should not be used as independent legal advice.

What grounds for divorce may be used in California?

Divorce is a legal event. Though many Californians may think about the financial and emotional components of ending marriages, at its core a divorce is the legal termination of a relationship. If a couple is not legally married then their separation does not require a court's approval to be terminated. In order for a court to get involved in a couple's relationship and bring it to its end there must be grounds, or a basis, for the marriage to end.

What factors determine child support?

There are many factors to have concerns about when getting a divorce. Numerous personal matters will change, and you may have specific concerns about how your finances will change after you end your marriage. This issue affects many people, and if you have children, you may wonder about child support in particular.

Understanding the end of a child support obligation

Parents in California are required to provide for their children's needs. This can mean paying for their basic requirements, like keeping roofs over their heads and food in their bodies. When parents live together, they may easily share child-rearing duties. However, when parents separate, it can become much harder for them to share in their required parenting tasks.

Helping you reach a fair property settlement in a divorce

Ending a marriage is not an easy process; however, it is one that many spouses in California and elsewhere must work through when a marriage is no longer working. Whether it has begun with high conflict or disputes arose later on during the process, the reality is that divorcing spouses are likely to not agree on everything. In fact, property division is one of the most contentious divorce issues, as spouses often do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to divvying up property.