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September 2019 Archives

Is it easy to modifying child custody and support?

Family law matters can get emotional and complicated. Whether it is during a divorce, separation or split of unmarried parents, the reality is that it is never easy to determine a custody and child support arrangement. While some parents are able to work together to reach agreeable terms, others find themselves in a long, drawn out battle because they cannot agree. And even when an order is established, parents may find themselves in disagreement with the current order and will seek modification.

Understanding what determines alimony amount

The end of a marriage brings a lot of changes. For some divorcing couples in California, it means seeking or paying spousal support. While some spouses expect this to be a part of the process, others are caught off-guard when an ex seeks this financial support. Thus, it is important to understand what determines whether one is eligible for alimony, the amount they will receive and how long these payments will continue.

Avoiding the steep price tag that often comes with divorce

Divorce comes at a cost for all parties, even when both parties agree amicably, work through issues and reach a fair agreement. The end of a marriage requires financial adjustments, and sometimes, one or both parties can feel the impact of this process for years after it is all final. It's smart to be cautious and careful regarding property division, even before getting married.

Guiding you through the property division process

Getting married is a major step to take for any couple in California. And much like a couple does not enter this union without much thought, couples do not end this union without making some major decisions. However, even when a divorcing couple is prepared to deal with the issues that come with the process, this does not mean it is easy or without emotional turmoil and disputes. One of the most contentious divorce issues is property division, as it is often hard for divorcing spouses to see eye-to-eye on throughout this process.

Does California family law allow for relief of a support order?

A support order is a fundamental part of a California divorce. However, there are often factors in dispute. This can be related to spousal support, child support or both. While the disagreements frequently stem from the amount that is paid and its duration, there are other reasons why couples might engage in a battle over the case. With these family law issues, it is imperative to have legal assistance from the beginning as there is nuance to the law that can be complex and confusing.