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Acting duo plans to divorce after short marriage

In California, it is not unusual for there to be celebrity divorces. Often, these fall into the category of a high asset divorce. When divorce is being considered, initially, it might not be comparable for everyday couples to look at celebrity divorces and seek similarities. However, it is not uncommon for those who are well-known to engage in public disputes over money, property and other aspects of a marriage regardless of its duration. Many couples have failed to get a prenuptial agreement. For those who are facing these concerns, it is wise to examine celebrity divorces and find parallels, especially with people who have large incomes. Of course, legal assistance is crucial.

Two actors – Scott Grimes and Adrianne Palicki – have decided to part ways after two months of marriage. Both are actors on the TV show “The Orville.” Ms. Palicki was on the popular show “Friday Night Lights” and has worked on many other programs. The couple had recently been at the San Diego Comic Convention together. They were married in Texas in May. The 48-year-old Mr. Grimes was married twice before; however, his was the first marriage for the 36-year-old Ms. Palicki. The filing was made in Los Angeles.

While there might not be a kinship between “regular” people and those who are prominent in the entertainment industry, people from all incomes, financial situations and with a variety of family dynamics will understand the difficulties that accompany marriage. It can be complicated, and if there are significant assets at stake, the process of divorce can be complex and rife with dispute. For example, those with hefty assets could have residences, motor vehicles, a vast portfolio and businesses. This can make a divorce difficult with acrimony and a seemingly endless battle.

Whether it was a long marriage or a short one; if there were children from the union or not; if the couple decided to keep their assets separate and had a prenuptial agreement or failed to do so, it is imperative to have legal assistance to protect the individual interests. This is true if it was a couple relatively well-known in entertainment or an understated couple who happened to accrue wealth. To avoid the pitfalls of a high asset divorce, consulting with an experienced legal professional with a history of helping those with family legal issues and divorce is a must.

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