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August 2019 Archives

What is quasi-community property in property division?

In California, one of the biggest concerns when a couple ends a marriage is how property will be divided. There is often a dispute over property obtained during a marriage and who is entitled to it. For couples embroiled in this type of disagreement, it is important to understand how the law addresses these considerations.

Relocating with children post divorce

Your marriage is coming to a close, and you are considering what you want your life to be like after divorce. You do have children to think about and want to do what is best for them. If your or your spouse's plans involve relocating, know that neither one of you can move with your children without proper authorization. 

What should I know about wage assignments for child support?

In California, when there is an order for a noncustodial parent to pay child support to the custodial parent, it is a common foundation for dispute. Many issues can arise with child support and with a wage assignment, the payments come directly out of the paycheck of the supporting parent. With a wage assignment - also known as garnishment - there are certain facts that should be understood. These are critical to both parties.

How does the duration of the marriage impact alimony?

A key concern for couples that are getting a divorce in California is which spouse will pay spousal support and which will receive it. There are subsets to this, including how long it will need to be paid. For some, it is a financial necessity to receive payments as they try to get on their feet after the divorce. For the paying spouse, it is major consideration as they move on with their lives. Income, children and more will be part of the process in determining how much alimony will be paid. Also important is the duration of the marriage.

Acting duo plans to divorce after short marriage

In California, it is not unusual for there to be celebrity divorces. Often, these fall into the category of a high asset divorce. When divorce is being considered, initially, it might not be comparable for everyday couples to look at celebrity divorces and seek similarities. However, it is not uncommon for those who are well-known to engage in public disputes over money, property and other aspects of a marriage regardless of its duration. Many couples have failed to get a prenuptial agreement. For those who are facing these concerns, it is wise to examine celebrity divorces and find parallels, especially with people who have large incomes. Of course, legal assistance is crucial.

What if a spouse refuses to pay after a divorce judgment?

When there is a divorce in California, it is common for one spouse to be ordered to pay the other spouse as part of a family law judgment. This could be for anything including property, support and more. Comparable to any debt, there can be an issue with the spouse who owes failing to pay or outright refusing to pay what is owed. The receiving spouse is often unsure of how to handle such a difficult dispute. There are, however, legal steps that can be taken to get what it owed. Understanding what the law says about the collection alternatives is an important factor. Having legal assistance is another.