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Helping you secure alimony in a divorce

Much like finances play an important role in getting married, finances also play a major role during the dissolution of a marriage. Regardless if a marriage was short or lasted several decades, there are many monetary decisions for couples in Redwood City to make. And for those finding post-divorce life financially challenging, it may be appropriate to seek spousal support.

Although alimony is not awarded in all divorce proceedings, it is something that could be requested in the divorce process. In some cases, courts may find that alimony is necessary in the interests of fairness.

Typically, alimony is awarded to spouses who decided to forego their education or career to stay at home and take care of the family or home. In other cases, a spouse may request alimony if they were not the higher earning spouse. If a spouse enjoyed a certain lifestyle during the marriage, he or she could seek spousal support to help maintain the lifestyle post-divorce.

At Joseph R. Zoucha, Attorney & Counselor at Law, our experienced legal team understands how vital it can be to secure alimony in a divorce. Addressing financial concerns, even on a short-term basis, can be extremely beneficial. Thus, we take the time to fully explore the matter at hand, helping one obtain a favorable decision.

To learn more, check out our website's alimony page. Whether seeking to initiate, modify, enforce or stop spousal support payments, it is important to understand how to address this divorce issue during and after the divorce proceeding. This will ensure one's rights are protected.

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