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Custody issues can continue after divorce is final

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California parents may continue to deal with hard feelings and other issues that can make custody difficult long after a divorce is final. Sometimes, these complex issues begin to affect the logistics of the parenting plan, and one parent may wonder if he or she is experiencing parental interference. This is a serious issue that can affect a parent’s rights. 

If you believe you are experiencing parenting time interference, you have the right to seek a legal resolution to your concerns. It may be appropriate to seek legal recourse to make the interfering behavior stop and restore your parental rights. Your relationship with your children is worth protecting, and you have the right to seek enforcement of your custody order and parenting plan.

Common questions about interference

It’s not always easy to know if what you are experiencing counts as parenting time interference. You may be unsure if legal action is necessary or if you can potentially resolve your current concerns by working with the other parent. Some of the questions you may have regarding your rights and child custody include the following: 

  • Can a parent withhold support payments if he or she believes that he or she is not receiving enough parenting time? A parent cannot stop paying support or reduce payments in an effort to secure more visitation time. 
  • Do you share joint legal custody and have a hard time making decisions with the other parent? It’s not necessarily interference to disagree when making joint decisions. However, if the other parent is intentionally undermining you, that may be interference. 
  • Does the other parent return your children late, or are you concerned he or she may not return the children one day? It may be possible to speak to the other parent about sticking to the visitation drop-off schedule. It may be smart to seek a formal way to enforce the order and ensure you get your kids back.

Custody and visitation issues are complex, emotionally charged matters that can still be difficult to navigate after a divorce is final. If you have concerns about your parental rights or want to know how to avoid further issues, you may want to speak with a lawyer regarding the most appropriate way forward.

Your relationship with your children is important, and you have the right to defend your role as an active and loving parent to the best of your ability. If you believe you are experiencing custody or visitation interference, you do not want to delay seeking experienced legal guidance.

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