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March 2019 Archives

When is a Californian considered to be a child's legal parent?

When a child is born to a married couple in California, it is presumed that the married couple are the child's legal parents. However, when a child is born to an unmarried couple in California, for a father to have the right to seek custody or visitation with the child, or for the mother to pursue child support from the father, parentage -- also called paternity -- needs to be established. Paternity makes a father the child's legal father, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.

We assist with child support issues in Redwood City

When a child's parents are in the process of getting a divorce, there are many important issues they must address, one of which is child support. Child support is generally paid by the noncustodial parent and is meant to supplement the financial resources needed to raise the child. Thus, it is the child who ultimately benefits from the payment of child support.

Who is going to pay the credit card bill after your divorce?

Like many other Americans, you may use your credit card for a variety of purchases. You may use your card to buy your groceries for the week, pay for a medical bill you received or even to pay for your vacation if you currently don't have the money in hand. As a result, you may have a significant amount of credit card debt.

The three types of adoption in California

When an adult adopts a child, that adult becomes the child's legal and permanent parent. The adoptive parent is responsible for raising the child and providing the child with the care and love they need to thrive. Adoption also terminates the parental rights of the child's biological parents, meaning that the biological parents can no longer have custody or visitation with their child and are no longer obligated to financially support the child.

What issues take center stage in a 'grey divorce'?

People in Redwood City may have noticed that the overall divorce rate in our nation has been on the downswing the past two decades. However, the divorce rate of those age 50 and older has seen an uptick over the years. In what is referred to as a "grey divorce," these older couples face issues their younger counterparts do not.