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Jolie and Pitt continue child support and custody dispute

Divorce is complicated for most couples, but it can be especially challenging for celebrities. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two of the most famous people in the world, making their divorce a hot topic for news media outlets around the world. Pitt and Jolie, parents to six minor children, reportedly agreed to handle their divorce out of the public eye in 2017, but they were unable to resolve child custody and support issues on their own, apparently due to different parenting styles.

Jolie currently has primary physical custody of the children, but in June 2018, the judge apparently issued an interim custody agreement which set up a visitation plan to allow Pitt to spend more time with his children and to contact them directly whenever he wants. If Jolie failed to abide by this agreement, she would be at risk of losing custody. There was a hearing scheduled recently, but it was canceled when Pitt and Jolie agreed to continue with the interim agreement.

A couple of months after the interim agreement went into effect, Jolie filed papers with the court claiming that Pitt had not paid meaningful child support since they separated. Jolie also requested a hearing to end the marriage before settling finances to allow both herself and Pitt to move forward as co-parents. However, Pitt’s lawyer claimed that Jolie’s filings were unnecessary and that Pitt had given over $1.3 million to support the children and loaned Jolie $8 million to help her buy her home. Jolie’s lawyer said that the loan was not child support and that Jolie was paying interest on the loan.

Addressing child support and custody issues like these are often the most difficult part of the California divorce process. A family law attorney can help you and your spouse come up with an agreement that is best for the children so that the matter doesn’t have to drag out and the parties can continue with their lives.

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