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Tips for dealing with a high-conflict divorce

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The rocky nature of your marriage may have contributed to the decision to divorce. While you believe that taking this route is the best option, you may want to prepare for the possibility that the dissolution process will be just as rocky, if not more so, than the marriage itself. You may have decided from the beginning to do your best to keep your emotions in check, but your soon-to-be ex may not do the same.

Even though you cannot guarantee that your ex will act in an amicable manner during divorce proceedings, you can still work to protect yourself and hope to avoid as much conflict as possible.

For the children

If you have children and a conflict-prone ex, do your best to keep your children out of the conflict as much as possible. The other parent may attempt to use the kids against you or constantly start arguments with you using the kids as a facade when no real issue exists. This type of situation can prove immensely frustrating, but if you also engage in such behavior, the children will end up as the ones suffering the most.

For the record

While you may want to divorce your spouse in hopes of lessening the amount of contact you have to have with him or her, you may want to understand that you will likely have some sort of contact throughout the divorce process, and after, if you have kids. Of course, you may dread having to speak to your soon-to-be ex because you know it will turn into some type of altercation.

If so, you may want to go an alternate route and communicate through written means rather than vocally. Not only may this limit the potential for arguments, but it also allows you to have written records of statements made by your spouse. This information could come in handy if for some reason you need certain information as evidence in court.

For the desired result

When you go into a divorce knowing that a high potential for conflict exists, you may dread the entire process. While it may prove difficult much of the time, knowing that you will likely face much resistance along the way can also give you the opportunity to prepare ahead of time. By understanding your legal options for the various aspects involved with the dissolution of marriage, you may feel more comfortable moving forward.

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