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Jesse Williams and ex-wife continue to battle over child support

In an ideal situation, divorcing spouses in California would be able to resolve all their issues peacefully, particularly when it comes to issues involving their children. However, many divorcing couples are unable to come to an understanding about child custody and support, which can cause stress and emotional turmoil for the entire family. Grey’s anatomy actor, Jesse Williams, and his ex-wife were granted joint custody of their two kids earlier this year but continue to battle over child support.

Williams’ ex, Aryn Drake Lee, recently filed a request to increase the amount of child support Williams pays each month. As of now, Williams currently pays $50,695 in spousal support per month.

Williams has asked the court to deny Drake-Lee’s request, saying that she is exaggerating the children’s expenses and finds that her request for $25,000 per month for college savings to be inflated. Williams has agreed to pay the children’s private school tuition but says that the former couple agreed to live a simple, low-cost lifestyle. He also says that Drake-Lee is combining her personal expenses with the children’s expenses.

Divorcing parents often find themselves fighting for time with their children or fighting over how much child support is reasonable. Even if your divorce has been finalized, there is every chance that you or your spouse will decide to file a modification to adjust the amount of child support paid or change the custody arrangement. A family law attorney can help reduce the tension in your family and help come to an agreement that works for your family. Your attorney can help you and your ex focus on what is most important: the well-being of your children.

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