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May 2018 Archives

Will the court approve child support modification in your case?

You love your children and, like most good parents in California, you want what is best for them. When you divorced, you figured that would include paying child support and you were more than willing to do so for their sakes. In fact, you were even willing to pay for non-support expenses, like helping them out with a little spending money when they took a school field trip. You were determined to do whatever you could to help them adjust to their new lifestyle in a healthy manner.

Saving money for your children's college fund during divorce

Couples going through a divorce are often concerned with their family's finances and their ability to support their children throughout the process. If you find yourself wondering how to pay your child's college expenses while going through a divorce, know that you are not alone. According to a study by TD Ameritrade, 40 percent of married couples get divorced, but over 66 percent of married couples have no financial plan in place to prepare them for divorce or death. Fortunately, experts have some helpful advice for parents dealing with this exact issue.

Creating a successful parenting plan with your ex

Divorcing parents in California generally know that they will have to come up a custody and visitation agreement, or parenting plan, to decide where the child will spend what days and who will make decisions regarding the child's upbringing. However, parents may not know where to begin when creating their plans and what details to include. Parenting plans, much like most other aspects of family law, should focus on the best interest of the child.

Donald Trump Jr.'s divorce proceedings are underway

When a California divorcing couple has significant assets, it can be especially important for both parties to seek both financial counsel and legal assistance. Donald Trump, Jr., and his wife, Vanessa Trump, are both likely seeking guidance from multiple sources to navigate their divorce. The couple was married for 12 years before Vanessa filed for divorce in March 2018.

Our attorneys can help you get the alimony you deserve

Determining alimony or spousal support can be a critical part of the divorce process for many California couples. Attorney Joseph R. Zoucha understands the importance of alimony and how it can help a newly divorced person get back on their feet financially. He has over 30 years of experience handling divorce cases involving alimony, child support and other common divorce issues.

New research shows quality of co-parenting matters

Historically, courts favored mothers in child custody proceedings, and it appears that even today, moms are more likely to have custody of their kids post-divorce. However, California courts that deal with child custody and support issues are more likely to award joint custody than ever before to ensure that both parents stay involved in their children's life after a divorce. New research by Dr. Elizabeth Karberg, developmental scientist at the University of Maryland, shows that parents who can co-parent successfully are more likely to have well-adjusted children.