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March 2018 Archives

Our attorneys can help with property division issues in divorce

Readers may have heard that California is a community property state. This means that each spouse will receive half of any marital property, or assets acquired during the marriage. Therefore, one may assume that the property division process in a divorce must be fairly simple, the judge divides the couple's assets in half. However, the reality is that dividing property between exes during a divorce, even in a community property state, it is rarely ever that straightforward. While each spouse is entitled to half, there is no law that says everything must be split down the middle. And, having a divorce attorney on one's side to fight for what is important can ensure that they are satisfied with the final agreement.

What do courts consider when calculating spousal support?

One of the most highly contested issues in a divorce is spousal support, or the amount one spouse has to pay the other spouse each month, post-split. In many cases, lesser-earning spouses and spouses who did not work outside of the home during the marriage are entitled to spousal support or alimony. Spousal support helps them maintain the standard of living they grew accustomed to while they were married.

Husband of 'Real Housewives' star fights for custody of children

California couples with children often must determine which parent will get joint and legal custody of their children after they divorce. Physical custody generally refers to where the child will be staying, while legal custody refers to who will make decisions relating to the child's life. Shannon Beador, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Orange County, is currently caught up in a battle with her estranged husband David over the custody of their children, as well as other divorce-related issues. The couple was married for over 17 years before separating in September 2017. The couple has three daughters, a 16-year-old and 13-year-old twins.

How to handle your gray divorce

Divorce at any age in California can be difficult both financially and emotionally. However, gray divorce, or divorce involving those 50 and older, has increased significantly, particularly among those who have gotten remarried. In fact, statistics show that gray divorce has doubled since the 1990s. Before you file the necessary paperwork, it is important to learn more about the gray divorce process.