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Divorcing couples should consider collaborative divorce

Couples in California who are seeking a divorce may have a number of concerns before starting the process. Two of their biggest concerns are usually financial costs and emotional turmoil. It is no secret that the divorce process can be expensive and emotionally draining, particularly for couples who fight over everything. However, there may be a much better option for couples who are willing to put aside their differences and focus on resolving issues positively.

Collaborative divorce requires couples to agree to enter all negotiations with an open mind and to be forthcoming with all financial documentation and other necessary paperwork. The couples and their attorneys will meet outside of the courtroom and work together to resolve all property division, child custody and child support issues. The collaborative process also allows you to use additional resources, including therapists and accountants. These resources can help both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse make the best decisions for your futures.

While collaborative divorce is a great option for many couples, it isn’t for everyone. Some couples are unable to put their differences aside and find it more beneficial to go through a traditional divorce. Even couples who opt for traditional divorce can do certain things to lower costs and keep things civil. Make sure to collect all necessary documentation well in advance and make sure to plan for your financial future as a single person. Your attorney will be able to help you prioritize and make sure you focus on the issues that are most important to you, rather than arguing with your ex-spouse over things that don’t matter.

Source: Huffington Post, “Why Collaborative Divorce is a Route Worth Considering,” Dr. Nikki Martinez, Oct. 1, 2017

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