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September 2017 Archives

Mistakes to avoid during your divorce

Now that summer is over and the holidays are right around the corner, the number of divorces in the United States will increase substantially. No matter how sure you and your spouse are about splitting up, your divorce can still be an emotional and tumultuous process. As you proceed with your divorce, you should focus on making sure that your finances are secure as you divide the assets and go your separate ways. You may want the California courts to finalize your divorce as soon as possible, but it is in your best interest to act carefully and understand how each decision you make will affect your financial future.

Taking care of your finances during and after divorce

Couples who are going through a divorce in California often want the divorce process to be as stress-free as possible, both financially and emotionally. As you begin the divorce process, you need to think about what the future holds for you as a soon-to-be newly single person.

Shared parenting may be the best option for divorced couples

When parents in Redwood City get divorced, the children may suffer the most. However, recent studies show that when both parents play an active role in the child's life, the child is better off. Divorcing parents may struggle when dealing with child custody and support issues, but it is important to focus on doing what is best for the children, even if it means dealing with your ex-spouse on a more regular basis.

What if you both retain ownership of your house after divorce?

The exact reasons why you are getting divorced are not as pertinent as what you will do from this point forward when it comes to helping your children adapt to major life changes. Children are definitely not immune to the roller coaster of emotions that many adults (perhaps including you) face when navigating the divorce process. California courts typically believe that, if possible, kids should continue to have as much time with both parents as they can. The crucial question is this: Where should that take place?