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August 2017 Archives

Actor Jesse Williams caught in custody battle with estranged wife

The divorce process is rarely easy, especially when children are involved. Even if a couple seems to be getting along, things can turn ugly quickly once they make the decision to divorce. "Grey's Anatomy" actor Jesse Williams is currently in a bitter child custody battle with ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee.

Children's needs come first during divorce in California

When wedding bells are ringing in California, the idea of dissolving a marriage is likely far from a couple's minds. However, over time, the two spouses may realize that divorce is unavoidable since they simply cannot resolve their differences. Being prepared for the financial aspect of a divorce is paramount in California.

What should I do once my divorce is finalized?

Many people mistakenly believe that the work is done once their divorce is finalized. However, this is not always the case. There are many things you should make sure you take care of after the final divorce decree is filed, if you have not already taken care of them.

Preparation may ease anxiety before child custody hearing

You may have read of celebrities who are shining examples of co-parenting. Gossip magazines show them attending school functions side by side, taking the child on vacations together and even continuing to live in the same house for the sake of the child. It is not that way in reality. You are living proof that breaking up a marriage and co-parenting is difficult and painful.

What are the "best interests of a child" in a child custody case?

If you have children, you may hear the phrase "best interests of the child" while you are filing for divorce and determining child custody arrangements. What does this phrase means? Generally speaking, family courts in California are focused on the wellbeing of the child when handling child custody and support issues. The courts will consider the child's wellbeing when deciding who they should live with and how much time the other spouse will get to have with them, as well as child support payment amounts.