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June 2017 Archives

How is alimony determined?

When a couple gets married, it is not uncommon for one spouse to stop working and devote his or her time to taking care of the home and family. We all know that taking care of children is a full-time job, often making it difficult to juggle both a career and a family. The courts recognize the sacrifice that is made when one spouse decides to forego a career to take care of the family, making it one of the considerations when determining alimony for one spouse in a divorce.

Community property, asset division, and you

When it comes to property division, there are two legal proceedings that lead the way. The first, and most common, is equitable distribution. Most states follow this form of property division, and it allows for a "fair" distribution of the assets in a marriage. However, "fair" in this context does not mean "equal." This is where community property comes in.